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It seems interesting to me the contrast between the US health system -where top-notch hospitals such as Mayo Clinic incorporate Reiki- and countries such as Spain where so-called 'progressive' views (including Spain's Department of Health) are fighting forcefully what is there called "pseudo terapias" [pseudo-therapies]. I am curious as to the reasons behind different western interpretations of health and alternative therapies. ~ Gabriel Viaxe Ixtlan

Hi Gabriel,

You would know better than me as to what’s going on with the medical care system in Spain.  I will share a little background with you about Reiki as I understand it.

Reiki was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the mid - 1800’s in Japan.  Even there practitioners of this healing art often found it necessary to operate underground due to push back from the government, rules and regulations.  When Hawayo Takata introduced it to the United States following WWII she was concerned enough about its Buddhist roots to cover up the true background of Usui Sensei.  Given the times I believe this was done as she felt it would be more readily accepted if she put a Christian slant on it’s history. 

Over the last 20 years or so  the true origins of Reiki have gradually been brought to light, thanks mainly to the work of Frank Arjava Petter.  However; by the time this happened hundreds, if not thousands around the world had already been attuned to and were actively practicing this healing modality with success. And by 1997 it was beginning to gain acceptance in America as a cost effective healing modality in regard to patient care.  

In regard to your question it’s like anything, we often have a fear of what we don’t know and so it has been with Reiki  Over the course of centuries it has been at times suppressed for financial, political or religious reasons.  It is gratifying to see that it is being embraced by more and more health care systems around the world. I believe in due time it will find its way to Spain as well.

In the hado of Reiki love, harmony and healing,  Tesla